The world runs on electricity. Become a part in this ever present technology.

Exciting Career Fields: Commercial Electrician, Electrical Contractor, Residential Electrician

Contractors and companies are looking for experienced, trained electricians with the right skill to complete the toughest jobs on time. The Electrician program combines hands-on, practical learning with classroom training to prepare students for these high-demand positions. From specialty trade contractors to communications companies, today's electricians can work for a variety of employers—residential contractors to commercial builders. Day to day job duties may include: reading electrical blueprints, wiring and installation of junction boxes, outlet boxes and lighting.


The need for homes, businesses, and industries across the nation to have electrical systems maintained and serviced by qualified professionals is an on-going requirement. The Electrician program provides students the skills necessary to keep pace with industry demand.

Potential Earnings

Graduates earn an

average of $14.00 to

$35.00 per hour.

Fees and Tuition

Estimated Program Costs:


Total Tuition & Fee Detail


$4,380.00 - Electrician

Florida Resident Tuition ($2.92 x 1,500 hours)

$400.00 - Lab Fees (Per Semester)

$50.00 - Registration Fees

$500.00 - Kit Fee

$5,730.00 Tuition & Fees Total for program

Textbook & Kit Estimated Cost:

$480.00 (Full Textbook listing in front office)

OCP: A / Course: BCV0603

Title: Electrician Helper

Length: 300 hours


OCP: B / Course: BCV0640

Title: Residential Electrician

Length: 450 hours


OCP: C / Course: BCV0652

Title: Commercial Electrician

Length: 450 hours


OCP: D / Course: BCV

Title: Industrial Electrician

Length: 300 hours

Industry Certifications

Advisory Council Members

  • Mickey Price                   Peaden Mechanical

  • Jackie Kirley                   AFPS

  • Wesley Northington       Marathon Electrical

  • Jared LaFon                    Marathon Electrical

  • Darrell Taylor                  Gulf Coast Electrical

  • Hunter Jones                  JCCR Electrical  

Director:  Kelly Hayes

Assistant Director: Jon Williams

Assistant Director: Scott Huerkamp

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