Frequently Asked Questions

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Technology Questions

What is the process to apply to the Practical Nurse program?

There are two ways to apply for the Practical Nursing Program. Our on-line application through our link or come to the school (front office) and fill out a paper application. When it is time to start a new class you will receive “information to test” instructions by letter or e-mail. The information will explain the testing process for admission to the program.


What test is used for entrance into the program?

The National League for Nursing pre-entrance test for Practical Nursing is administered to interested students. This test evaluates the student in three areas, English, math, and science. The top scoring students will be granted an interview into the program. Prospective students should study for the test to achieve greater success. Review books are published as study guides for this test. Check with an on-line site or your local bookstore. The class is selected from the pool of applicants interviewed after the entrance test.


If I don’t get selected for a class can I reapply?

Yes, a prospective student interested in the program can reapply for the next class. Fill out another application and you will be notified when the next testing cycle begins. There must be six months between testing dates for retesting students.


When do classes start?

The school begins a new class of twenty four students every six months typically October (test end of August) and April (test in February).


What are the school hours? Class hours are Monday through Friday 0730-1320. Clinical hours are 0630-1500 typically.


If I have college credit can I be exempt from certain courses? Yes, if you have college credit you may receive credit for certain courses here. The courses are Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Nutrition, Growth and Development, Medical Terminology as long as you received a “C” or better. An official transcript is required.


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