Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality

Explore the culinary profession and the exciting career positions offered

If you have a passion for food and yearn to thrive in an environment where you can showcase your culinary talents, The Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality is the place for you. Explore the culinary profession and exciting career options in the food service industry.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach you the actual practice and art of cooking through theory, technique, palate training, speed and teamwork. These will be the essentials for success in your culinary career. You will learn the necessities required to thrive in the culinary industry, as well as forge personal contacts that will guide you through your journey. Students range in both age and previous professional experience.

Students enrolled in the Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program receive specialized training in one of today’s most sought after career fields.

  • Learn proper methods of food and equipment handling.
  • Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality from a management perspective.
  • Study recipe management and menu planning.
  • Develop marketable workplace readiness skills.
  • Apply classroom learning during and on-the-job training.
Advisory Council Members Course Instructors Course Hours & Costs
Dewey DestinDestin Crab Island Restaurant
Nina DestinDestin Crab Island Restaurant
Bridget SpolskiCorner Café
David KrebsAriel Seafood
Gail StarlingAriel Seafood
Heidi McAnullaBake My Day
Francesca PiazzaTwo Trees Restaurant
Jennifer BryantJuana’s Sailor Grill
Eli MasonBlue Collar Café
Jim ShirahDewey Destin’s Harborside Restaurant
Dan EmpsonHarry T’s Restaurant

Program Course Hours & Costs

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